TIGER BONE - A Powerful Herbal Tonic

Zion Organic's Tiger Bone contains herbs that have been associated with love potions and sexuality for thousands of years! These herbs enhance libido, boost sexual vigor, performance stamina and heighten sexual excitement for both males and females. The formula in this tonic will stimulate gland hormone activities, increase body energy that helps improve blood supply, nerve stimulation and glandular activity.

Tiger Bone Increases STAMINA!
Medicinal Information
GINSENG (panax quinquefolia)
Known remedy for all manner of illness. Promotes appetite and is useful in digestive disturbance, effective for colds and chest troubles and cough and increase energy level.
Yohimbe Bark
Aphrodisiac, Mood Elevator, Improves Sexual Functions
Dandelion Root
Diuretic, tonic, Detox, and general stimulent.
Saw Palmetto
Diuretic, Mild Sedative, Tonic, Prostate Health, DHT(bad testosterone) Reduction
Guarana Seed
Stimulant, diuretic, reduces fatigue over the short term
Fights - persistent infection, Chronic fatigue, Stomach ulcers, the common cold.
Horny Goat Weed
Potent sexual enhancer / Aphrodisiac

Zion Organic Inc. strongly believes that the nutritional and medicinal benefits of our products will contribute significantly to the total health and well being of your family and you. We do not, however, recommend that they should be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

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